Reecha Pandya
NPI Engineer
Abbott Point of Care

“The crux of manufacturing lies in problem solving, troubleshooting, data analysis and developing creative solutions - all of which I love. As a biologist in medical device manufacturing, not only do I get to apply my knowledge of life science but also interface biology with mechanical, electrical and software engineering.”

As a New Product Introduction (NPI) Engineer with molecular biology lab experience, Reecha provides a uniquely impactful perspective to the Manufacturing Engineering team at Abbott Point of Care. For example, she served as a subject matter expert for biological sciences to develop and implement a novel handling process for returned medical blood analyzers from customers, which saved four additional process stages and improved return failure analysis turnaround time by three days. Reecha also improved production output for a large sales order that required additional engineering support for the production floor and identified efficiency improvements that will enable increases in future productivity. Her efforts resulted in the implementation of an automated solution that cut process time in half and reduced paper waste tenfold.

Reecha leads by example and connects with all levels of employees, from operators to executive management. While assisting in the development of an hourly production schedule tool, Reecha made a lasting impact on production supervisors and operators throughout implementation. Reecha also holds a leadership role within W-STEM, an Abbott Laboratories organization that aims to elevate women’s technical skills and inspire girls in the community to pursue careers in STEM. 

In addition, while teaching a General Biology course at a local community college, Reecha forged strong relationships with female students, one of which began her own career in manufacturing at Abbott as a result of the course. Her course connected standard lessons with the chemistry and molecular biology of beer fermentation—a field in which Reecha has extensive research experience. As a former member of the Pink Boots Society, an organization that supports women at all levels in the beer brewing industry, Reecha is now a member of her local chapter of Barley’s Angels. Reecha’s passion for the science of fermentation also inspired her to pitch a creative idea to Abbott’s marketing team for a new application for a product.

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