Luanne Overstreet
Manager, Supply Chain Process
Kennametal Inc.

“My passion for manufacturing and distribution is due to the impact it has globally. Everyone involved in manufacturing is part of a cross-functional collaborative team. Manufacturing is exciting, challenging, includes great people and opportunities. I feel fortunate to have been mentored by knowledgeable people and to mentor others along my journey.”

Luanne has a direct impact on Kennametal Inc.’s current and future business by facilitating the standardization of global processes and working with colleagues around the globe to ensure consistent and effective operations. When the company implemented a major SAP platform upgrade that required transitioning to a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Luanne ensured that the complex effort was executed seamlessly. As Manager of Supply Chain Process, she ensured that warehouse personnel were trained, inventory was properly accounted for and customer orders were fulfilled. Luanne also enabled the successful integration of warehouse and logistics systems when Kennametal acquired Deloro Stellite in 2012, and during the 2013 acquisition of the Tungsten Metals Business unit of ATI. Her leadership, personal equity and hard work enabled critical “go-live” milestones, such as inventory verifications, system configurations and personnel training, to be met throughout highly technical transitions. 

Known for helping colleagues across functional areas, Luanne works with individuals at every level of the organization to address supply chain and warehouse topics in a context that is relevant. As a natural leader, she embodies the spirit of cooperation and freely shares her expertise with colleagues. Whether she is leading teams of more than 50 people or making individual contributions, Luanne’s strong focus on organizational goals inspires others to achieve more.  Mentoring is a natural talent for Luanne, which she demonstrates through formal and informal roles. For example, she provided expert guidance to a new hire through Kennametal’s Operational Leadership Program to offer encouragement and support throughout a project. She has also mentored others internationally, including a colleague in Boksburg, South Africa. 

Beyond Kennametal, Luanne has had a lasting impact on others. For example, she and her husband opened their hearts and home to foster, and eventually adopt, three young children. The expansion of her family provided a new adventure, which Luanne met with enthusiasm and gratitude.  

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