Crystal Nguyen
Procurement Agent
The Boeing Company

“My parents manage a machine shop specializing in valves for oil pipelines. I grew up around CNC machines and pallets stacked with metal, so being in manufacturing feels like home. From oil valves to airplanes, manufacturing facilitates everyday life. Being a part of such a significant operation is simply incredible!”

Crystal has been a key and impressive contributor to Boeing’s KC-46 tanker aircraft, which is one of the company’s top-priority programs. One of her main tasks on this project was to partner with various supply chain functional groups and sites to set up just-in-time inventory to help enable efficient delivery of the tanker’s refueling boom manifold. Not only did Crystal take on and accomplish this very complex task, creating more flexibility for manufacturing in the boom delivery process—she helped find a long-term solution on a critical piece of production hardware. In addition to Crystal’s initiative, hard work, and attention to detail making a lasting impression on her team, her outstanding efforts have resulted in supply chain process improvements that will benefit the program today and into the future.  

As an emerging leader, Crystal is uniquely positioned to engage with today’s students to bring the next generation of female talent into manufacturing. Boeing believes global partnership with higher education is critical, and Crystal has played an integral role there. She is on the Boeing Supply Chain Management University Relations team, where she supports on-campus intern recruiting and interviews at Pennsylvania State University. Crystal is also an active and engaged mentor to new employees within the company. She makes a point of seeking out new employees and interns, welcoming them to The Boeing Company, and offering help as needed.

Crystal is also passionate about providing educational and growth opportunities to young students, particularly those who might not be receiving the support they need to unleash their potential. She has spent more than 150 hours tutoring students as part of Learn To Be, a national online one-on-one tutoring platform targeting elementary and middle school students from disadvantaged communities. Crystal also provides advice on organizational structure and fund allocation for this initiative. 

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