Patricia Miller
MATRIX 4, Inc.

“I love making and the creativity behind manufacturing. I also love being part of an economic engine that touches local to international. The physical product space is incredible and ever changing; industry 4.0 and the ability to honor all that came before us and drive it somewhere stronger is why I am passionate about manufacturing.”

Patricia’s drive for innovation, strategy and her never-ending thirst for learning have been critical to the success of MATRIX 4 (M4), a design and manufacturing house making meaningful products in plastic. She brought M4 from having only a handful of employees to being named one of Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies, two years in a row. Patricia modernized the entire business by challenging the status quo and breaking traditional rules in manufacturing. In addition to introducing Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), Patricia rolled out new technologies including Slack, Trello and Traction Tools to generate strong improvements throughout the company. Through the integration of cloud-based systems and software, Patricia has brought technology, transparency and connectivity in ways that few small companies can.

Within M4, Patricia fosters an environment in which women feel empowered to drive business forward. Her business is now comprised of more than 60 percent women, which is extremely rare in the industry. As the daughter of a woman in manufacturing who ran the factory floor for her entire adult life, Patricia is a strong advocate for women in the industry and is committed to recruiting, hiring and retaining the next generation of female talent.  She has forged powerful bonds with countless female interns and mentees to show women the high potential of careers in manufacturing. Additionally, Patricia actively supports numerous initiatives to empower women, ranging from a girls STEM summer camp to speaking engagements with WINGS (Women’s Interactive Network Group).

Patricia passionately supports and engages with her community of Woodstock, Illinois. In addition to serving on the board of two high school incubator programs where she coaches and mentors students, she is on the board of the Hospital System. M4 also hosts a community day of service each year called Keep Woodstock Beautiful. To find and recruit new talent, Patricia also partners with several organizations and local initiatives including veteran programs, high school trade programs and more. 

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