Linda Miller
Founder & CEO
Paradise Dental Technologies, Inc.

“It is truly amazing to design, develop and manufacture products that can enhance the lives of dental professionals, be more comfortable for patients and ultimately save lives.”

Linda created Paradise Dental Technologies in 2000 out of her two-car garage with a desire to provide the dental industry with ergonomic, high-quality, and affordable instruments. Paradise Dental Technologies now operates out of a 10,000 square-foot facility, exporting products to over 50 countries worldwide. As Founder and CEO, Linda’s contributions have propelled Paradise Dental Technologies to new heights in the industry. By experimenting with different metals and heat-treat recipes, she created the best grain structure possible for the steel tips in her instruments. To minimize physical strain caused by instruments, Linda collaborated with physical therapists and clinicians to design a resin, ergonomic handle that has been shown to reverse the symptoms of carpal tunnel in dental professionals. 

Linda works tirelessly to create a strong work environment in which the needs of all employees are met. In 2018, she was honored with the “Employer of Choice” award by the Missoula Job Service Employers Council—a testament to her leadership. As one of very few woman-solely-owned businesses in the dental world, she is often approached for assistance, guidance and inspiration. In addition to traveling the globe to attend Dental Tradeshows and educate women in her industry, Linda works closely with other female leaders to provide assistance throughout their careers. She is an active member of the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center, where she helps manufacturers overcome struggles and networks with other Montana businesses. Linda also participates in women's retreats across the country. 

Linda identified community as the company’s first and most important value, which is evidence of her passion for helping others. She continually lends her time and resources to many community initiatives including a local children’s shelter, where she currently serves on the board. As a volunteer with Community Connect, she helps to provide the homeless with oral hygiene. Sponsoring an annual career fair, volunteering within city clean-up efforts and supporting the Pursue Your Passion program are just a few of many ways in which Linda aims to make a difference. 

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