Lizeth Medina
Manager of Technical Services
Neenah Foundry

“I am passionate about manufacturing because I believe it is important to the country’s economic future. Manufacturing has a direct relation with innovation, R&D, as well as learning and developing skills and capabilities. Manufacturing doesn’t stand still, and engineers have the task to keep moving and innovating to remain competitive.”

As Manager of Technical Services for Neenah Foundry, Lizeth oversees the manufacturing technical side of the business for the Industrial and Municipal product lines. She is a six sigma black belt who uses her strong education and skills to help numerous departments be more productive. By reducing the amount of product that needs heat treatment, Lizeth decreased costs by 80 percent—a significant reduction in cost to the company’s bottom line. She was able to achieve this by analyzing past records, metallurgical evaluation of current production, and detailed process mapping. Through these efforts, Lizeth found subtle changes in the process that were necessary to produce castings that no longer needed to be heat treated. This is just one of her many accomplishments that have made lasting impacts on the company. 

Beyond her leadership across Neenah Foundry, Lizeth has made significant contributions to the community through education. She is passionate about introducing young girls to science and engineering, and has donated her time to speak to grade school students about the importance of STEM.  She is also involved in Neenah’s Talent Upload Event, an initiative that allows students to explore local manufacturing facilities and careers in Wisconsin.  

As a hands-on mentor to many, Lizeth engages the next generation of female talent on a regular basis. In addition to her work through the company’s intern program, Lizeth frequently visits college campuses to recruit new female talent across the organization.  She is a member of the American Foundry Society’s (AFS) Women in Metalcasting group, and has given multiple presentations at local and national metalcasting events to encourage women in the metalcasting industry. Additionally, Lizeth is on the board of directors and Alumni Committee for the Foundry Educational Foundation, a member of the American Foundry Society Cast Iron Research Committee, Secretary for the American Foundry Society Cast Iron Executive Committee, Vice Chair for the American Foundry Society Cast Iron Papers and Publications committee (peer review of papers and setting the technical program for the yearly American Foundry Society Metal Casting Congress), Ductile Iron Society Board of Directors and Ductile Iron Society Research Committee Vice Chair.

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