Michelle Maurer
Senior Chemical Engineer
Honeywell FM&T

“Manufacturing allows me to apply current technology to create a beneficial product, while at the same time exposing me to new science to solve old problems.”

Michelle has worked at Honeywell for 34 years, most recently at the Metallurgy (MET) Lab in the Analytical Sciences area. When she arrived, this area had aging equipment and only three technologists. In the intervening five years, Michelle updated nearly every piece of equipment and added several new ones, allowing for a significant increase in workload capacity and the ability to handle newer specifications. Today, the MET lab is a high-functioning service group with nine new pieces of equipment, seven technologists and an additional engineer. Thanks to Michelle’s leadership, Honeywell can now meet or exceed the most stringent testing demands of its customers.

Throughout her career, Michelle has encouraged young people to consider science careers. She has often volunteered for STEM outreach activities like school career days, the Kansas City Science Fair, the Department of Energy Science Bowl and Take Your Child to Work Day. She’s also active with the Kansas City chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and has volunteered as a mentor with every IGED the group has organized. Even before the increased emphasis on STEM activities for girls, Michelle organized a Girl Scouts day camp where she introduced the girls to possible technical careers. Activities included building and launching rockets, working with levers and pulleys, and even wrestling. 

One of Michelle’s most impressive contributions to science education is her two-year leadership of Honeywell’s efforts for the Kansas City Regional Science Olympiad. For 2018’s competitions alone, the work included coordinating more than 50 volunteers to lead 11 separate events at four competitions. Using the Science Olympiad as a springboard, Michelle tirelessly encourages and recruits Honeywell’s young professionals and factory workers to give back to the community. Many of them join Michelle and her family in donating time to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with the next generation of technical workers.

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