Kimberly Krieger
VP Operations
BP America, Inc.

“Production Operations is a dynamic environment which regularly presents challenges to improve safety, efficiency and introduce innovative solutions. I am passionate about leading teams while mentoring talent to unlock the challenge of responsibly delivering oil and gas into a high demand market. The world needs energy for progress.”

Kim joined the East Business Unit of BP, one of America’s largest natural gas producers, in January 2015. At the time, this unit had an annual production rate of less than 100 mms/d. Kim tackled every aspect of the business, from improving safety and operational performance to refocusing how the team worked with contractors. She also challenged her team to focus on Intelligent Operations and led the business through a journey of prioritizing high-value activities, stretching personnel to identify work that could be automated, outsourced or stopped entirely. Today, the business unit produces more than 500 mms/d annually—a fivefold increase in only three years. This success has earned Kim a role representing operations as BP manages its $10.5B acquisition from BHP. 

Recognizing the pressure for women to “have it all,” Kim mentors women within the organization, advising them to focus on the multiplier – to prioritize activities where they can contribute and receive the most value. With this framework, Kim encourages her mentees to reflect on what they want out of their careers and plan how best to reach those goals. Kim’s mentorship has led to a network of female leaders in the organization, some of which have even succeeded her when she’s moved on from a role.

Kim enjoys sharing her STEM experiences whenever possible. As leader of the East Business Unit, Kim worked with local schools and colleges to enhance STEM curricula. Kim also helped schools identify how to promote their STEM programs to local women, recognizing the potential in this sometimes untapped talent pipeline. At BP’s home base in Houston, Kim also works with the local business resource group by sharing her story, recognizing the valuable role she plays in providing an example for future BP leaders.

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