Mutsa Chinoda Kemp
Project Manager
Siemens Energy, Inc. 

“Manufacturing is a catalyst igniting impulses towards discovery, which is essential to society. Without it we limit creativity and innovation. My passion flows through my work in production environments and as a fervent participant in its promotion exposing young people, especially girls, to it and its personal and societal benefits.”

For 14 years, Mutsa has been working in production operations for global manufacturers in roles in Industrial Relations, Quality Engineering, Cost Management and Supervision. Throughout her 7-year tenure with Siemens Energy, she has worked in Order Execution managing New Apparatus and Service Repair projects. As a certified Project Management Professional, she has led cross-functional teams to deliver world class power generation equipment and components to power plants across the globe. 

Her successful performance in managing the project life cycle, from bid transfer to production to the shipment of the order to the customer, has resulted in her leading more challenging projects. One of Mutsa’s milestone accomplishments was her exceptional management of a unique project involving the tear-down and rewind of a rotor in an aggressive schedule. The rewind was completed ahead of schedule, under budget, without compromising quality and with a strong emphasis on safety. Upon project completion, her team received congratulatory remarks from colleagues and notes from the customer expressing sincere gratitude and recognizing her leadership which exceeded schedule expectations while focusing on safety and quality. This accomplishment was achieved due to Mutsa’s working relationship with her customer and cross functional colleagues in Engineering, Materials, Quality, Supply Management and Manufacturing.

As a wife, mother and active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., a Public Service Sorority, Mutsa has maintained her profession as a priority. She has hosted numerous manufacturing and STEM outreach activities to expose our future generations to the exciting opportunities in STEM and production. She has taught manufacturing concepts to Girl Scouts, presented at career fairs using grade level appropriate terminology, led factory tours for students and participated in professional organizations that focus on STEM education and careers. Mutsa has served as an e-Mentor to a high school student and visited elementary and middle schools to share her journey and how STEM has led her to the exciting and rewarding career in manufacturing. While presenting to a group of fifth grade girls in the STEM Possible Club, Mutsa made the bold decision to share her early struggles with Math and reassured the girls they too could overcome such challenges and succeed in STEM and the various careers in manufacturing.  She serves on the Siemens Charlotte Education committee, which focuses on educating students of career opportunities at Siemens. As one of the few women in manufacturing, Mutsa mentors a couple of female coworkers seeking to advance their career in production.   

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