Jessica Jones
Learning Management Coordinator and OD Leader

“I am passionate about manufacturing because it offers a variety of career paths, regardless of your education or experience. Many find their niche in manufacturing because all strengths and talents are needed. Innovation, lifelong learning and continuous improvement are all foundations of successful manufacturing, keeping our economy moving ahead.”

Since joining Conductix-Wampfler in 2014, Jessica has achieved a host of achievements for the company. For example, she has deployed a Learning Management System for safety and soft skills, created a mentor program, designed the Conductix Academy, worked with Tooling U and the Department of Labor to start a company machinist apprenticeship program, brought lean and 5S to the facility, started management foundations classes and founded a leadership training program for emerging leaders. In addition, Jessica helps the Conductix-Wampfler marketing team create product training tools and works tirelessly to make sure all team members get the resources they need to keep learning and growing in their careers.

Jessica is respected by her fellow Conductix-Wampfler employees, who often seek her help and advice. She makes sure the company’s mentor program, which involves both supervisor and mentor support, is rolled out to each new employee. This program has led to a downward trend in voluntary turnover, which currently stands at less than 8 percent, making for a healthier and more productive work culture. Jessica has also started mentoring supervisors who may have strong technical skills but need help with management skills. Through one-on-one meetings, the discussion of leadership books, and lessons on team dynamics and how to deal with difficult situations, she has helped these managers increase their effectiveness.

In addition, Jessica serves as the VP of Education on the local board of Association for Talent Development (ATD), which helps organizations build their training and development programs. There, she has volunteered her time to create content and continuing education pieces to help others in the training and OD fields. She also ran ATD’s annual conference in 2018. Beyond these capacities, Jessica has served on many boards in Nebraska City and she gives back to her community by regularly teaching GED classes. 

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