Robin Higgs
Manufacturing Director

“I am passionate about manufacturing because of the diversity of people, thought, technology and opportunity. I cannot think of any other occupational field with the level of diversity that manufacturing offers. It is this diversity that makes manufacturing a rewarding and engaging environment to work in.”

Robin is the 3M Manufacturing Director for the Materials Resource Division, which produces specialty adhesives, chemicals and materials for 3M internal consumption and outside sales. She is responsible for a 1,000-person organization with an operating budget greater than a $200M, and supports over 40 percent of 3M's $32B in sales. She has held numerous positions within the company, making significant impacts across several 3M plants. Robin has been responsible for scale-up and manufacturing of critical new product lines, starting a greenfield plant operation in China, and driving key improvements to sustainability and safety. She also developed a process to recover saleable product from a by-product stream, which avoids over 1 million pounds of waste and resulted in several million dollars of 3M sales.

As a strong mentor to more than 10 women, Robin challenges females within 3M to grow, contribute and make good career decisions. She exposes girls to STEM by participating in events such as Career Expo, Endless Opportunities for 8th graders and Smart Girls Rock. Additionally, she has worked with 3M’s college hires as part of the company’s Optimized Operations program. While in Alabama, Robin was on the Industrial Advisory Board for the University of Alabama, Huntsville and the Board of Directors for the North Alabama Workforce Development Alliance, where she provided input to engineering professors on manufacturing and industrial needs. To increase the stability and level of performance of the contractor workforce, Robin implemented a contractor training and development program. 

Robin has dedicated tremendous time to each community in which she has lived. In addition to leading a Morgan County United Way campaign that raised more than $2M, Robin participated in the Morgan Country Chamber of Commerce’s Excellence in Leadership program to develop emerging leaders. She has also volunteered with the Habitat for Humanity and Nature Conservatory, led many activities for the United Way and served as a youth girls’ basketball coach.  

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