Johanna Hernández
Manufacturing Manager
Cargill de Honduras, S de R. L.

“Manufacturing makes us look to the future to be able to prepare our teams, process and ourselves for the business needs. It keeps us challenged -- everything that is done can be measured to generate continuous improvement. What we make allows the business to be more competitive! It keeps us energized!”

Johanna began her career with Cargill as an intern, showing dedication and commitment that allowed her to progress first to a role in Quality Assurance. There, she led programs and initiatives that allowed the company to reach Food Safety System Certification 22000. She also played a large part in local producer forums and organizations, where she has been acknowledged for her leadership and knowledge in quality and safety management. 

Currently Johanna is the Manufacturing Manager of Planta Delicia, and as one of the few women to fill this type of role at Cargill, she has already managed to raise productivity by more than 10%.

Johanna has become a role model for many young women at Cargill. She has a strong sense of purpose and has maintained her work and values to the highest standards, opening a path for future generations of young, talented women in a traditionally male-dominated industry. In her mentoring role, Johanna empowers many levels of female Cargill employees, assuring them of the opportunity to become supervisors, as she has done. She also is an active member of Cargill’s Women of CPLA, a support network that connects women to inspire one another. 

One of the greatest contributions Johanna has made at Cargill is promoting community service and inspiring other employees to volunteer. Johanna has worked extensively at the local plant nursery, which provides plants for reforestation of the community and for local schools. She has also been instrumental in a project improving a local school, Republica de Honduras, gathering volunteers to do painting jobs, classroom improvements, roof repair and construction of a school kitchen to provide better nutrition and food safety for all students.

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