Ying Guo
Director of Business Management
Jabil Inc.

“Not only do I have the chance to understand the manufacturing industry itself from operations, engineering to business, but more importantly I can motivate and support a large group of people towards what they want to achieve. Being a leader, I like to help people to find their happiness through work.”

As Director of Business Management at a $2B mega-site, Ying oversees multiple large customer accounts with products ranging from mobile devices to car features and home appliances. Under her guidance, a key business at Jabil’s Guangzhou facility in Huangpu, China, grew from a $20M to a $140M business. Bringing significant profitability to the site, Ying’s leadership has been a driving force behind Jabil’s strong brand image and accountability. In her previous role, she managed six large customer accounts at once, handling the business portion of customer relations to support manufacturing. 

Ying is focused on building a high-performance team, with a specific goal of developing the younger generation. As a highly respected leader at the Guangzhou facility, she is a role model to employees across the organization for her strong business skills, confidence and positivity. Ying aims to inspire the next generation of female leaders in manufacturing by providing continuous support in the professional and personal development of women throughout Jabil. Ying not only builds strong female talent in manufacturing, she also works in the community to ensure fair access to education for future industry leaders. Currently completing her second Master’s degree, Ying is a strong advocate for advancing educational opportunities and outcomes. 

Outside of Jabil, Ying is actively involved in the community. Through her involvement with the nonprofit Lions Club International, Ying was introduced to the children of Xiangtang Village, a small village in the Guizhou Province of China. When Ying saw an opportunity for the village to construct its own school in order to alleviate a long and treacherous commute for students, she spearheaded efforts to raise $200K and make the vision a reality. Ying’s passion for helping children gain access to education demonstrates her strong sense of responsibility to help others, and her positive impact on generations to come. 

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