Christine George
Vice President, Oxygen Nitrogen Energy Networks
Air Liquide

“Manufacturing brings raw materials, industrial processes and human talent together to create products that deliver value to customers. Manufacturing is at the heart of a robust economy, and with new technologies and societal trends bringing constant challenges, one has to continuously improve and adapt... I truly love this!”

Since joining Air Liquide in 1993, Christine has led and supported the growth and transformation of the company’s Large Industry business. As Vice President, Oxygen Nitrogen Energy Networks, she pioneers operational sites through an Industry 4.0 initiative; focuses on integration and continuous improvement strategy within her organization; and implements creative and engaging employee safety events. Christine led the successful integration of two large and complex businesses in the Gulf Coast region of the U.S. that operated independently for decades. Her efforts built a newly aligned organization and leadership team that had a powerful impact on Air Liquide by improving customer experiences, strengthening financial performance and establishing a common culture for one of the company’s largest businesses.

As an active participant in Air Liquide’s Business Resource Group dedicated to female mentorship, Christine mentors numerous women to help guide them in career aspirations. She is a trusted advisor who supports high potential employees and engineers who are ready to take the next steps in their careers. Additionally, she has mindfully increased the number of females in leadership roles within her organization by focusing on operations management positions that have previously been occupied by males. Through Houston’s Women in Energy Network (WEN) group, Christine also mentors nine other women outside of Air Liquide. 

Christine’s passion for helping others can be seen in the community, where she actively participates in charitable activities ranging from the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to disaster relief efforts. As a strong advocate or health and wellness, Christine also mentored a young handicapped girl to teach her how to water ski. She maintained a relationship with her mentee for many years thereafter.  In addition, Christine focuses on the advancement of the industry through her role as Chairperson of the Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA). 

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