Joan Wrenn
Hudson Precision Products Co.

“Passion? Yes! Routine? Yes – enough to provide stability to the processes, without strangling the creative responsiveness required to make our customers happy. Our workers can take pride in producing a product you can hold and measure – providing a tangible experience of accomplishment. That's why we have 25 and 50 Year Clubs.”

As a member of the Executive Board, Vice President, President and Corporate Secretary, Joan’s leadership has touched on almost every aspect of Hudson Precision Products Co. As one example, her leadership in Quality and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) shop floor management systems has been essential to the growth of Hudson Precision. She personally served as management rep when Hudson aligned their quality systems to ISO 9000 and was involved with the review and documentation of all covered processes. Joan continues to be actively involved in the upgrading of quality systems, and she took the lead in implementing an ERP system and team within the company.

Joan has spent much of her career as an advocate and mentor to her employees. She’s also advocated for manufacturing careers to local citizens regularly. For six years, Joan served as a member of the Chicago Workforce Board. She also served on the Chicago Renaissance Council, the Chicago Public Schools for Manufacturing Advisory Council and several other prestigious organizations. She is a long-standing advocate for manufacturing in the community, and has shared her experiences often to help make a difference and educate about the opportunities available.

At a statewide level, Joan served on the Illinois Workman’s Compensation Trust Board of Trustees in the late 1990s when female leadership on state level board was uncommon. Her leadership and advocacy for the City of Chicago Workforce Board, the Chicago Area Manufacturing Cluster Council and the Small Business Environmental Task Force all show how Joan unsparingly gave her time and talent to keep manufacturing and the jobs it creates alive in her community. Joan has been tirelessly involved with religious institutions as well, serving as a trustee for strategic planning for Sacred Heart Schools and on the President’s Advisory Council for Benedictine University. She is also the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Catholic Theological Union.

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