Rachel Wilde
Manager, Engineering Powertrain Emissions & Calibration
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

"Manufacturing is all about making people happy. We design, optimize and manufacture products that make people's lives better in one way or another. Engineering provides a different challenge every day; as well as, an opportunity to be creatively solve problems.”

As the Engineering Systems Manager of Emissions and Calibration, Rachel and her team are responsible for worldwide emissions compliance for Harley-Davidson’s entire fleet of motorcycles. This task is a challenging one as regulations change constantly and differ considerably by region. Rachel’s job is not only to ensure current motorcycles are compliant, but to develop future products that comply with both existing regulations and uncertain future regulations. Rachel has personally developed and trained her team to improve their technical and leadership capabilities to keep up with the increasing demand in emissions and calibration.

Part of Rachel’s strategy is to pair new members with more experienced calibration engineers and allocates work aligned with their strengths. As a leader, Rachel’s dedication to Harley-Davidson recruiting has been outstanding and is key to significantly raising the quality of new hires. Rachel has utilized robust processes and demonstrated solid leadership to ensure her team continues to deliver without problems, while the scope and complexity of emissions and calibrations continue to increase.

Currently mentoring seven young women in engineering, Rachel provides regular guidance on career and personal development, and cultivates their enthusiasm for engineering and manufacturing roles. Her style of leadership brings out the very best in others, which is not surprising as she is quick to acknowledge the contributions and successes of others. Rachel represented Harley-Davidson at the Society of Women Engineers in 2016 and served on the panel for industry-academia collaborations.

Rachel supports STEM events where she leads small group discussions for grade school students. Through her STEM advocacy, Rachel has visited local private and public schools, as well as organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of America. She has also made herself available to local high school girls interested in receiving counseling on engineering and manufacturing careers.

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