Marissa Webb
Industrial Engineer 3
Huntington Ingalls Industries

“It's an exceptionally exciting time to work in the manufacturing industry due to the advent of Industry 4.0. Emerging technologies including Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and smart manufacturing have me hopeful for a brighter, more efficient and better future for my company, the country and the world.”

Since joining Newport News Shipbuilding, a Division of Huntington Ingalls Industries, Marissa has served as a Systems Engineer, was selected as a member of a competitive two-year corporate internship and most recently, assumed the role of Lead Industrial Engineer on the CVN 79 Aircraft Carrier New Construction Program. In the midst of her burgeoning career, Marissa also found time to earn her Master’s degree in Engineering Management. In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations of her team, Marissa has built strong customer relationships, established an effective communication plan and initiated a project management approach to effectively track and manage all team efforts.

Marissa’s positive approach to work, coupled with her willingness to learn and ability to tackle challenges head-on, has had a positive impact on teams throughout the company. While serving as an Engineering Change Management Lead fresh out of college, Marissa earned the respect of seasoned engineers throughout Newport News Shipbuilding by leading face-to-face meetings with all functional system engineers to ensure expectations were met. Today, Marissa works directly with the Construction and Program Trade Directors and their teams to effectively identify and implement process improvements to reduce costs, enhance ergonomics and safety, and address safety issues.

Marissa is an ideal mentor for employees within the company who wish to advance their careers. Whether mentoring newly-hired college graduates in the Systems Engineering Department or employees with whom she has been matched with formally, Marissa lends her time, experiences and insights to many.

As a tremendous advocate for education and a firm believer in STEM programs, Marissa actively participates in the Newport News Shipbuilding volunteer group to visit local elementary, middle and high schools to mentor students on the importance of STEM-based curriculum as a means to learn and grow. Additionally, she volunteers with the company’s Girls with Engineering Minds in Shipbuilding program to inspire young female students to pursue careers in engineering.

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