Katharine Wagner
Principal Engineer, Manufacturing Engineering

“My favorite part of working in manufacturing is the opportunity to dive into problems with teams comprised of peers with diverse skill sets. At the end of the day, our ability to solve problems and improve processes allows us to create innovative products which impact everyone.”

Katharine (Kate) is the lead engineer for the Low Temperature Epitaxy Furnace Toolset, the most critical area in semiconductor manufacturing to deliver next generation technology offerings to wireless and mobile customers. She has led the development of engineering for new technologies to meet demanding performance requirements while maintaining manufacturability. Through her deep understanding, strategic hypotheses and strong problem-solving abilities, Kate is an exemplary model for new engineers.

Because Kate’s process engineering work is highly-integrated with the technology development team, she works closely with new PhD-level engineers to mentor, coach and educate them on production and production challenges. She personally introduced two major changes that were critical to the way development and manufacturing teams work to engineer new processes. These changes include a system to document, track, check and prioritize development experiments; and determining appropriate use of Failure Mode Effect Analysis on product, process and equipment changes in the Low Temperature Epitaxy Furnace Toolset.

In addition to her superb communication skills across the company, Kate is a true team player. Leading others in a positive and encouraging manner, she has been vital to a number of internal efforts including her support of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ “thinking like an ME” credo, and the creation of the company’s TLAME (Thinking Like A Manufacturing Engineer) Award.

Kate is an active member of several GLOBALFOUNDRIES initiatives including the company’s women’s network, “GLOBALWOMEN,” and the New Hire Network Program. Her leadership also spans beyond GLOBALFOUNDRIES where she is a member of the Society of Women Engineers, has served as a Secretary and Director of Community Outreach at Engineers Without Borders, and has worked as assistant coach for the Girls on the Run program. In addition, she volunteers at the Committee on Temporary Shelter to support emergency shelter services and housing for the homeless in Vermont and has served on an American Cancer Society committee to raise funds for cancer research.

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