Evelyn Torres
Solaris Technologies

“As a child growing up, I witnessed an awesome father who could build, fix and improve anything he touched. This inspired me to think outside the box. Those early days of exploring with my dad and seeing all things possible paved the way for me to create leading-edge and innovative solutions."

Evelyn Torres began her career in her garage with an idea on how to improve on the delivery of telecommunications. Two years later, Solaris Technologies was experiencing revenue greater than $3.5 million and has since employed nearly 40 workers helping them to discover their strengths and talents. Evelyn leads by example, and is often found in the warehouse and plant, working to make sure ToughTowers TM is exceeding high quality standards. Her invention, the ToughTower TM mobile tower has changed the way telecommunications is delivered globally.

Evelyn is an inspiration within Solaris Technologies, consistently encouraging her employees to think creatively and supporting their growth. She even hired a chef in the kitchen to make sure staff was eating healthy. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation to Houston, Texas, Evelyn was immediately on the phone to make sure first responders were able to communicate and get supplies to South Texas.

In 2013, Evelyn became a sponsor for the STEM Education Coalition with a mission of inspiring young girls to be the next generation of women in technical careers. She mentors middle school girls and recently donated equipment to serve a summer program teaching on telecommunications. Evelyn works closely with the University of Texas-Dallas to sponsor international students and help them with English as a second language. As a child of immigrants, Evelyn knows the struggles these students face and wants to help them achieve their goals.

Evelyn has served on the steering committee and school board at a local charter school. She has also been an international host for over 15 study abroad students to provide them with a meaningful experience. She has also provided countless meals to people in need and has fostered children in need of a safe space. Evelyn has achieved her American Dream and wants to help others achieve their own.

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