Megan Sewell
Director, Supplier Development & Performance Management
Merck & Co., Inc.

“Producing medicines that improve patients’ lives fuels my passion for manufacturing. Working collaboratively towards challenging goals with global teams from diverse backgrounds, all of whom have different skillsets and experiences, is especially rewarding. Manufacturing combines my interests in innovation, people and technology, creating products that improve our world.”

As Director of Supplier Development and Performance Management at Merck, Megan is well respected for her superb leadership skills. She created and now manages six global IT systems and associated business processes, co-developed Merck's Quality Management Systems program and co-authored a Parental Drug Association Technical Report. Beyond leading cross-functional engagement and execution with key stakeholders across divisions, Megan is a member of Merck's Supplier Management Leadership Team. She has been a driving force behind several key initiatives at Merck including a Risk Governance and Oversight Steering Committee, a Labor and Human Rights Auditing program and Merck’s enterprise-wide Third Party Risk Management program.

In addition to her work with the Merck Women’s Network and the Society of Women Engineers, Megan has also lent her time and expertise to train and educate colleagues on career maps and development plans. Through one-on-one coaching, project management and performance sessions with her staff, Megan leads employees to create and implement development plans tailored to their individual needs and aspirations. Megan also mentored and served as a role model for an all female high school robotics team where she provided engineering principles, project management coaching and general mentorship on STEM education and careers.

Beyond her professional dedication to Merck, Megan is an amazing mother to three children and a tremendous role model for work-life balance and community service. She is a leader in the Parents Association within her children’s school and has a mission to foster goodwill in the community. Her involvement in many school initiatives has helped raise money for STEM programs and a tuition-free summer program for low-income public school students. She also supports several local non-profit organizations in her community.

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