Ayesha Satija
Associate Process Engineer
AK Steel Corporation

“Manufacturing is exciting, challenging and fast-paced. It is a continuous learning experience that encourages exploration and innovation. Every day I come to the plant looking forward to the everchanging challenges that manufacturing offers. It is an absolute thrill to be part of a team strengthening our company for the future.”

Ayesha began her career with AK Steel as a summer intern at the company’s Mansfield, Ohio Works. After being hired full-time as an Associate Process Engineer, she hit the ground running and hasn't slowed down since. Ayesha worked closely with Melt Shop operators to fine-tune the company’s Ladle Metallurgy Furnace (LMF) model, identifying production and cost improvements which ultimately saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Careful to convey how the new model would have a positive impact and result in higher demand for skilled operators, Ayesha worked with the team to ensure continuous evaluation and implementation of improvements on the project. She is a true self starter and gets involved in every aspect of the steelmaking process.

Ayesha actively promotes careers in manufacturing by interacting with students at various events. She has spoken to students at Ohio State University’s Engineering Expo and served as an ambassador at a Manufacturing Day event in October where she shared personal insights on her own career path. In her young career with AK Steel, Ayesha has presented to the Executive Leadership team and consistently demonstrated her ability to communicate clearly and effectively.  

Ayesha understands the importance of giving back to her community and has participated in many volunteer opportunities, including serving food to homeless veterans and others in Mansfield. As a volunteer at New Store, a local organization that provides children between the ages of kindergarten through 8th grade new clothing for school, Ayesha also played a special part in helping a female student select and receive new clothing that fit her personality and style.

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