Misty Rogers
Manager, ESS Systems, ESS - North America

“When I watched my first pouring of product I was hooked. It was amazing to watch how our product comes to be. It starts with a concept, then the design and on to the actual manufacturing of the item. I like starting from nothing and watching a project take shape.”

Beginning her career more than 20 years ago as a bookkeeper at the first ESCO-owned retail facility, Misty now serves as a North American Systems Manager. As a key member of the ESCO family, Misty is involved in all aspects of the organization. Experienced in Salesforce, Kronos, SharePoint and Oracle, Misty is the go-to person for resolving issues across 13 ESCO Supply & Service (ESS) sites. In addition to being a part of a team that developed a successful total end-to-end process, Misty was integral to the opening of all retail ESCO locations across the U.S. and Canada. Whether assisting in the development of a smart new product or leading a project to prioritize the release of manufacturing patterns at ESCO’s Chinese Foundry, Misty is often called upon by others for expertise.

Misty’s leadership has been vital to the ESCO Women’s Network, where she is working to expand the group’s presence to include approximately 60 women across 10 locations. Having served as a mentor to many men and women throughout ESCO, Misty enjoys instilling confidence and developing the skills of others. She has helped many of her mentees expand their careers by guiding them to achieve their professional goals and aspirations. Despite working in the remote location of Elko, Nevada, Misty willingly lends both personal and professional advice to colleagues around the globe.

Misty is passionate about the small community she has been part of for over 25 years. In addition to leading local fundraisers through ESCO, Misty has been involved in a golf tournament that raises money for local organizations Friends for Life and Shop with A Cop. Misty also volunteered with Hospice for three years, as well as served on the board of directors for the Vitality Center, a non-profit drug and alcohol rehab facility for eight years. Most recently, Misty has been asked to be participate in a mentor program for children.

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