Edna Robinson
Corporate Project Manager
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.

“Manufacturing gives me the opportunity to add value to our product by coaching and building our employees, managers and trainers. My passion is building a cross functional team that shares the same vision and mission. This approach allows us to continually invest in improving our processes, equipment and raw materials.”

In her 14 years with the corporation, Edna has become an essential part of the Ashley Furniture Industries family. Beginning her career as a customer service representative, she quickly rose to managerial positions and then to manufacturing. Today, as Corporate Project Manager, Edna and her team have made major positive impacts on the company as a whole.

In 2016, Edna and her team achieved approximately $1.37 million in cost savings by reducing employee turnover, scaling back manufacturing glue usage, reducing part and assembly down time, and maintaining a high rate of procedure compliance. This year, her team is expected to save $1.87 million corporation wide through automation, robotics and safety improvements. Thanks in part to Edna and her team, Ashley is investing more than $500 million in new manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Edna is a tremendous mentor within the organization, encouraging employees to cross train and pursue areas of knowledge in which they feel at home. There are numerous stories of Edna taking a personal stake in a coworker’s development, and that coworker excelling in their new role.

Outside of the office, Edna has a very personal commitment to the community. She was touched by a family from her church who lost two children to Leukemia and supports St. Jude Children’s Hospital. After Edna’s daughter broke her arm, contracted a bone disease and required extensive hospitalization, Edna realized how essential The Ronald McDonald House was and began to donate and volunteer her time there. Edna is active in Relay for Life and Pay It Forward, as well as Ashley for the Arts which supports 30 non-profit organizations. She is also a regular sight at her children’s school, cooking food for events and volunteering for field trips to support their faculty.

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