Julie Roberts
Account Director
Johnson Controls 

“I’ve always enjoyed design and development but feel driven/rewarded through manufacturing. Advanced manufacturing brings together people, new technologies and precision process controls to make everything, from custom giga-scale heavy duty to mass-produced cleanroom-nanoscale products, possible. Manufacturing is the culminating step of innovation which brings ideas and dreams to life!“

Julie is a highly respected leader who has made significant contributions in innovation, engineering, manufacturing, operations, product development, program management, strategy and business development. With more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, Julie’s exceptional technical accomplishments can be seen throughout her career with Johnson Controls, and prior to that, Ford Motor Company. Her leadership was critical to the development of multiple battery innovations for Johnson Controls, including the enhanced deep cycle marine battery, which resulted in a performance improvement of more than 50 percent through manufacturing process advancements and all new product line releases.

As a leader, Julie helps others realize their goals and make positive impacts on the organization. Her leadership has been demonstrated in many ways, including managing and growing customer accounts and advancing internal processes. Not only has she managed the staffing, budget and leadership development of Johnson Control’s North American Program Managers team, she led them to bring new standards of excellence and sustainability to the company’s Idea-to-Launch process. Today, Julie continues to inspire teams around the world to innovate, grow and improve.

Julie passionately encourages young women to consider careers in manufacturing and engineering. In addition to being a member of the Women in Auto Care, Julie is an executive sponsor for a partnership between Johnson Controls and the collegiate Society of Women Engineers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Marquette University. Through these efforts, Julie hopes to build excitement for STEM careers and develop a strong pipeline of female engineers to support the industry for years to come.

Julie regularly makes time to volunteer in the greater Milwaukee community. Through Johnson Controls, Julie has supported several charitable service events and served the Glendale Women’s Resource Network. She is a volunteer for Junior Achievement within Milwaukee and Cedarburg school districts and helps manage her daughter’s Girl Scouts Troop. Julie also enjoys volunteering at her church and children’s school.

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