Rachel Rich
Senior Manager, Commercial Excellence
LORD Corporation

“Manufacturing is exciting because it’s the intersection of customer needs and innovative solutions. Oftentimes, manufacturing is perceived as only making products, however, to exceed customers’ expectations, manufacturers must understand customer needs and deliver solutions. It’s exciting to work at LORD because the customer experience is the center of our strategy.”

Rachel has assumed increasing levels of responsibility and improved LORD Corporation in many ways since joining the company as an intern 12 years ago. Rachel’s impact on LORD Corporation can be seen throughout her career. Through pricing analytics, she collaborated with key stakeholders to improve pricing alignment by over 60 percent. Rachel later led the Customer Service and Technical Support in implementing a new online ordering system which received very positive customer feedback and increased online use by 25 percent. Today, Rachel serves as Senior Manager for Commercial Excellence where she is responsible for incentives, commercial processes and best practices, and market research.

The first customer satisfaction survey was led by Rachel and included customer follow-up and corrective actions. In addition to the survey being a new process, it involved a culture change as part of the customer intimacy initiative. Rachel guided the program to success, far exceeding industry benchmarks in participation and collaborated a team effort to successfully resolve immediate customer follow-up actions. She has used her experience and knowledge to mentor others and collaborate with managers to develop employees and support their careers. While obtaining her MBA at North Carolina State University, Rachel mentored other classmates during her supply chain concentration consulting course as well.

Rachel volunteers locally in Cary, North Carolina, as a part of the local LORD partnership with Junior Achievement. The goal of Junior Achievement is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy through teaching work readiness skills and financial literacy. The program consists of volunteers leading classrooms through lesson plans and group exercises to build decision making skills.

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