Angie Pitt
Global Business Process Leader

“I'm fascinated with the way manufacturing companies use innovation, people, science and technology to transform materials and parts into something tangible that fulfills a need. I like working in an industry where we continually strive to find better ways to produce products and reduce our impact on the environment.”

In addition to enabling O-I to grow through technology, Angie has improved the company’s culture by creating an environment for women to connect with each other and grow as individuals. As the senior leader of Women@O-I, O-I’s first employee resource group, she has influenced executive and front-line leadership to put a greater emphasis on how the company develops and enables women to be leaders. While serving as IT Business Relationship Manger, she was a key contributor to the development and execution of the Supply Chain technology roadmap, leading to the successful implementation of Distribution Requirements Planning.

Angie leads with heart and positivity, understanding the importance of listening and adapting her leadership style based on what she learns. She seeks to surround herself with people who complement her skillset and challenge her to be better, while coaching others to achieve their own potential. Angie’s leadership style stands out within O-I, where she has applied what she’s learned from experience to better serve others and be more impactful for the company. Angie has developed strong relationships with men and women across O-I’s campus, lending her guidance and support to many. To further her personal leadership and advocacy for women within O-I, Angie recently completed the Women in Manufacturing leadership Lab offered by Case Western Reserve’s Weatherhead School of Management Executive Education Department.

Beyond working full-time and being a mother of three sons, Angie makes time to support several organizations and volunteer opportunities in children’s education or sports. In addition to reading to children and participating in school career events, Angie willingly lends her time to coach youth basketball teams. As a lover of sports, Angie believes in passing on the important life lessons found in sports including the value of teamwork, learning from losses and the importance of attitude and effort.

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