Maria Piastre
Metallix Refining

“From when I was a little girl in Colombia, I saw that manufacturing is the hub of communities for the jobs they create, and the sense of pride that comes from working as a team to make a product. I wanted to be a part of that world.”

In Maria’s 12 years with Metallix Refining, she has risen from a position in Inside Sales all the way to President of the company—making notable contributions along the way. While working in Latin American Inside Sales, Maria developed the region into a thriving territory giving U.S.-based and Latin America-based manufacturing companies a safe, secure and reliable source to transport, process and recycle precious metal bearing materials. Maria's business model for Latin America has since been expanded to open new opportunities for Metallix in regions throughout the world.

As one who personifies leadership in everything she does, it was no surprise when Maria took charge to improve the company’s Precious Metals Laboratory, mastering the science behind metals chemistry despite the area being outside of her expertise. Working closely with metal chemist Mr. Claudio Ferrini, Maria led several efforts resulting in a new, state-of-the-art laboratory.

Maria is a Board Member of the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI), participating in a number of events to expand her knowledge on precious metals and manufacturing industries. In addition to being heavily involved with their worldwide conferences, Maria shares what she learns through IPMI throughout the company to deepen internal knowledge on the industry and market impacts. Maria’s strong work ethic, thirst for knowledge, open communication and talent are greatly admired by colleagues and industry leaders alike.

As a native of Cali, Colombia, Maria regularly mentors members of her local Latino/a community in registering for educational resources to help further their careers, improve their English skills, compose resumes and more. Maria also volunteers her time by managing a community travel team of youth soccer players. She schedules training sessions, organizes fundraising efforts and works with parents to ensure each child is progressing in their skills and learning the value and joy of being a part of a team.

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