Penni Orozco
Customer Service and Supply Manager

“Manufacturing has allowed me to work with amazing people, lead with strong principles, inspire possibilities and build a winning team focused on challenging goals and the passion to succeed. I am encouraged every day by the collaboration, ownership and pride they demonstrate to supply our customers with great products.”

Penni began her career with MillerCoors in 2001 and is an outstanding female leader within a traditionally male-dominated industry. As a member of the Irwindale Brewery Leadership Team, Penni is responsible for developing strategies to optimize results in the areas of supply chain operations, planning and scheduling, and distribution. Her leadership has inspired superior service to support the sales team, and she has a proven track record of delivering results, as evident by a number of measurable outcomes including improved performance and total quality to customers. Penni has shared best practices with her peers throughout seven breweries within various departments. And to ensure success across plants, Penni organized an enterprise Summit that joined a multitude of team members to develop processes which ultimately resulted in a 10 percent improvement in overall service for the company.

Penni has participated in a number of community activities including the company’s “Women in Beer” events, where she serves as a positive role model for strong female leadership in manufacturing. Taking the time to share her experiences with young women who are new to the industry, Penni’s humility, humor and practical knowledge has helped others navigate their own pathways to success. Penni enjoys interacting with all members of her team and offers continuous motivation through praise and the company’s employee recognition program.

Penni has inspired others to give back to the community as well. She continues to support United Way to help fund various charities in need. She has spent time working with victims of domestic violence, provided services for the homeless and honored military veterans for their service, to name a few. Penni encourages others to serve their community through volunteerism.    

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