Lori Miller
Materials Manager
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company 

“I am passionate about the opportunities within manufacturing. From the manufacturing floor you can impact tangible change and can physically create something others have only dreamed.”

Since assuming her role as Materials Manager in 2015, Lori has been a dynamic addition to the Topeka Plant Leadership Team. Lori’s career path with Goodyear began several years prior, when she joined the company as a secretary and advanced to various other positions along the way. Taking on every challenge she’s encountered in a professional and collaborative manner, Lori’s leadership has spurred an array of positive outcomes across the plant including increased reliability and inventory efficiencies, and improved New Product Industrialization (NPI) performance.

It is not uncommon for Lori to step out of her area of responsibility to help solve problems in other parts of the plant. In 2017, Lori became the first associate in Topeka to be certified as a plant optimization practitioner. Leading the New Product Introduction project, Lori expanded her expertise to areas of the plant outside of materials including production, quality, engineering, human resources, finance and more. As an active supporter of women in manufacturing, Lori serves as an inspiration to her colleagues. She was nominated to attend the Topeka YWCA Leadership Momentum Program and has since nominated four other women to follow in her footsteps. Additionally, she is currently creating a Topeka branch of the Goodyear Women's Network to ensure networking and camaraderie among women in the company.

Lori has always been very active in her community. Prior to moving to Topeka, she started two non-profit organizations that allow local children to participate in football and cheerleading for little to no cost to the families of the community. Her contributions to the Topeka community can be seen through her involvement in the Upward Sports program, Go Topeka (a division of the Chamber of Commerce), the Greater Topeka United Way and more. Lori also serves on the Board of Directors for the Auburn-Washburn Public School Foundation and participates in volunteering and fundraising opportunities for The Shooting Star Equine Rescue Inc.

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