Carmen Mendez
Production Supervisor
Boston Scientific

“Healthcare manufacturing is my passion! It provides me the opportunity to touch peoples’ lives, manufacturing healthcare products with innovative technologies, while continuing to challenge myself. As a leader my objective is to work with my people, build effective teams and focus on customer needs to achieve company’s goals and competitive advantage.”

Carmen has proven herself to be a committed, thoughtful leader at Boston Scientific where she is consistently driven to deliver confident and customer-focused results. Her leadership was crucial in the implementation of new QA Laboratory test methods and material/components inspection processes. Her support in lab projects has achieved approximately $480K in value improvement, as well as moved the Dorado site laboratory and IQA areas to becoming self sufficient.

Carmen also played a key role in the QA incoming process at the Dorado Plant, as she developed a project plan to ensure the area was ready to provide the service required. Her plan was multi-faceted, including area re-layout, a training certification process, equipment validation and procedures evaluation. At Dorado, Carmen continues to demonstrate her leadership as HOLA ERG (Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement Employee Resource Group) Captain/Site Leader and was selected to participate on the Network and Affinity Leadership Congress in October 2017.

As a true giver of her time and thoughts, Carmen is often unofficially mentoring other peers and encouraging them to push their abilities even further. As QA Incoming Supervisor, she had the vision to identify and push one of the inspectors to the next level, developing his technical knowledge and encouraging analytical thinking. Carmen isn’t just a manager, but a mentor and advocate who made that inspector ready for a promotion. She has also been essential as a role model in Boston Scientific’s Employee Resource Group: HOLA in Dorado, Puerto Pico.

As the chapter leader in Dorado, Carmen works closely with other ERGs to participate in activities which impact the community including a STEM Youth Summer Camp, donation campaigns for hurricane relief and the SER Puerto Rico event. She also led the Cultural Awareness Initiative during Hispanic Heritage Month. Within Boston Scientific and her community at large, Carmen continues to set an example of care and dedication that touches countless lives. 

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