Lora McCawley
Manufacturing Manager

“Manufacturing offers flexibility in roles and responsibilities. It breathes innovation and continuous improvement and offers a sense of satisfaction from creating/building a product with your hands. In my manufacturing role, I am able to be a mentor, leader, coach, engineer, strategic planner, tour guide, a problem solver and even a friend.”

Since beginning her career with Siemens in 2005, Lora McCawley has advanced from Buyer/Planner to her current role of Manufacturing Manager where she is responsible for more than $60 million in products. In 2017, Lora spearheaded the move of a 65,000-square ft. production facility. She accomplished this feat safely within five days and only one day of production downtime. Despite the move, the WL Circuit Breaker Line achieved its highest output in the past three years. Even in the midst of the move, Lora secured new business of almost $3 million and maintained a large-scale quality repair with no detrimental impact to internal or external business.

Lora’s leadership capability was recognized almost immediately after joining Siemens. Within six months of beginning her career with the company, she became a manager at the Breaker facility. Lora implemented a detailed cross-training process for line mechanics and a program for her salary workforce to increase the abilities of staff. Lora routinely mentors other manufacturing managers with process implementation, material flow and ERP system related activities. She volunteers as a mentor in the Women’s Information Network at Siemens, an employee resource group in the Siemens Diversity and Inclusion Council. She currently mentors two women through the program and enjoys guiding others through the challenges of working in a predominantly male environment.

Lora has been an advocate for volunteering with the Siemens and local communities for years. Within Siemens, she is a Caring Hands Team Coordinator and has led her employees to support Habitat for Humanity, a Summer Cereal Drive for Kids, a Winter Coat Drive for Kids and much more. She also serves as the Plant Lead for the Siemens Diversity Council where she oversees diversity celebrations organized on campus. As an active participant in the community, Lora volunteers at a local soup kitchen, sponsors Mission Arlington and participates in the Cooks Children’s Donate-A-Bear Program.  

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