Morgan Mayer
Welding Engineer
Honeywell FM&T

“I love how hands on you can be with Manufacturing. It’s exciting to be able to take a project from drawing to reality and see how it all comes together. Currently, I'm lucky enough to aid in the development and production of systems that help improve our national security.”

In just five years at Honeywell, Morgan has been instrumental in cutting project costs, reducing time to completion and eliminating mistakes. In 2017 alone, she led four projects which will yield more than $1.6 million in savings over the life of the programs. She also introduced the standardization of the laser welding computer control programs. Thanks to her work, welding parameters and weld paths are now in template form which allow engineers to read, write and edit programs easily. In addition to leading Honeywell Operating System Meetings and providing managerial support, Morgan was selected as the lead welding engineer for an upcoming weapon system that is in early development.

Morgan can be counted on to provide excellent mentorship to new employees, from a business assimilation viewpoint as well as technical project management. Mentoring others within her own group as well as groups she supports, Morgan’s drive for team success and willingness to share knowledge has touched many team members at Honeywell. Morgan has received several Bravo awards for her help in mentoring others, and successfully transitioned project leadership of several components and products to new engineers to ensure their success through mentorship. Taking on multiple mentees through her welding group, Morgan teaches the “Honeywell Way” to enable their success and help them earn recognition by management.

Outside of her day-to-day work activities, Morgan is involved in community outreach through Honeywell FM&T. As part of the Middle School Engineering Project (MSEP), Morgan works with local seventh-graders to promote STEM. Morgan is also a volunteer for “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” and local IGNITE events at high schools in the Kansas City area. This year, she led an eclipse event at Honeywell for fifth-graders, using the day to teach the students about the science of the eclipse and how to safely view it. Morgan’s energy and love for science makes her a great role model for young people, especially young women.  

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