Erin Martin
Reliability Engineering Team Leader
Hypertherm Inc. 
“I am passionate about manufacturing because it is the foundation of industry. I am specifically passionate about reliability engineering in a manufacturing industry. Reliability engineering helps bridge the gap between simply designing a product, and designing a reliable, high value product for the Customer.” 

Erin implemented a successful process to perform comprehensive data reductions and analysis, allowing Hypertherm to reduce vast amounts of test data to effective management summaries. She has led subcomponent testing for the company’s Powermax brand of air plasma systems, allowing Hypertherm to identify critical strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for key subcomponents well before product launch. Erin’s work towards more comprehensive validation quantification for new product platforms has raised the bar in reliability standard practice and statistical communication, as well as set a new standard of professionalism within the Reliability Engineering Team.

As a gifted leader, Erin works to create a dynamic environment which promotes productive brainstorming and expedient root cause resolution. Knowing that everyone has a voice to be heard, Erin’s inclusive management and meeting facilitation style allow and encourage technical talent to perform at their best. She regularly participates in cross-functional leadership teams, providing critical insights to fellow associates at all levels and working to make reliability and engineering test efforts more efficient, effective and productive by design.

Since arriving in New Hampshire in 2013, Erin has made a lasting impact on her community. She has been an active member of the Upper Valley Young Professionals group since 2014, and served as the group’s secretary and treasurer, working to welcome, support and advance the careers of other young professionals in the community. A lover of animals, Erin has freely given her time to volunteer at area animal shelters. She also volunteers to cook meals for families whose children are being treated at the local children’s hospital. Furthermore, Erin is passionate about introducing students to the possibilities of manufacturing. She is an active member of the Hypertherm SHAPE (Students and Hypertherm Associates Partnering in Education) for STEM program, and supports events such Girls Technology Day, Young Women in Engineering and STEM for Freshman, serving as a positive role model for dozens of middle and high schools students.  

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