Amanda Mahan
Industrial Engineering Supervisor
General Motors

“I enjoy the never-ending possibilities of always being able to find ways to make processes more efficient and cost effective. It takes constant willingness to change in order to remain competitive in manufacturing. It is personally rewarding to know you have impacted the lives of millions of consumers.”

As Industrial Engineering Supervisor at GM, Amanda has developed several crucial processes that are used throughout all of GM's North American Stamping plants. Throughout her career she has created databases and other tools used by plants to manage productivity and quality data analysis. In addition, Amanda’s meticulous efforts to identify and analyze press line capacity have garnered powerful impacts within GM’s stamping plants across the country. She is responsible for the implementation of the company’s Global Manufacturing System (GMS) at Flint Stamping and recently developed a leader-based training program to train more than 1,000 employees on the system in only three weeks. Beyond leading efforts to develop standardized work, Amanda’s contributions to the plant’s SharePoint website and product launch tracking system have been vital to the company.

Amanda is a strategic board member of Flint Stamping's Professional Manager's Network (PMN), and has advanced the initiative to become the benchmark of other PMNs throughout GM’s North American manufacturing plants. She has mentored several individuals and has been integral to the development of group leaders at her facility, leading many activities and training processes to ensure professional growth. Amanda consistently coaches and encourages her peers to augment their technical problem-solving capabilities, which has led several individuals to receive key industry certifications. She drives several internal recognition programs that have led Flint Stamping’s PMN to receive top awards from GM North America including Best in People and Best in Excellence.

Amanda’s leadership touches the community in many ways, as evidenced through her involvement in several activities. She often coordinates with local colleges and universities to facilitate student tours of GM’s manufacturing operations, providing valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities. Amanda also organizes an annual company golf scramble to benefit the American Cancer Society, as well as volunteers at local Ride and Drive events to advocate GM vehicles and American manufacturing to the public.  

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