Jenna Leger
Ceilings Production Manager
USG Corporation

“Manufacturing challenges me. It is an opportunity to work hard to provide solutions to important problems, and has nurtured an ability for me to lead myself and my team toward continuous improvement in products and processes. At the end of the day, we make something – and that is inspiring.” 

In the five years since she joined the USG Corporation, Jenna has demonstrated expertise in environmental engineering and outstanding leadership qualities which propelled her into her current role as ceilings production manager in Cloquet, MN. In that role, Jenna leads one of the most complex and profitable production departments in the group. Her responsibilities include developing and implementing strategies for safety and quality, overseeing installation of capital, non-routing and infrastructure projects, and developing a team of employees. In addition to her day-to-day role, Jenna manages the Manufacturing Execution System with her plant being one of only two piloting the program in North America.

Jenna’s leadership at the plant is essential for business growth, new business development and servicing the changing needs of customers. Outside of the plant, Jenna is a member of the USG Women in Manufacturing (WiM) group and a leader on the mentoring arm of the WiM Steering Team. Beyond her formal mentoring role within WiM, Jenna has established herself as a mentor to a young hourly employee at Cloquet and encourages her mentees to have confidence in their abilities and celebrate their successes.

This past year, Jenna participated in the Power Lunch Reading Program in the Cloquet School District. The program is a national literacy-based mentoring initiative aimed at building reading skills among elementary students. Jenna also served a two-year term on the USG Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Council where she helped develop a field advocacy group to educate employees and build a platform to celebrate diversity. Through volunteering and mentoring, Jenna continues to inspire the next generation of workers to pursue careers in this field and help her peers in manufacturing excel in important programs like Lean Six Sigma and advanced manufacturing. 

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