Geri-Lyn Hoffman
Director, Global Quality & Process Improvement
LORD Corporation

“Being in manufacturing quality for 30 years, I am intrigued about understanding processes and then making them better through continuous improvement activities that both benefit the company as well as our customers. I am passionate about using data and process improvement methodologies to improve quality, productivity and profitability.”

Through seven years with LORD Corporation, Geri-Lyn has worked in roles of increasing responsibility culminating to her current role of Global Quality & Process Improvement Director. In this position, Geri-Lyn oversees all quality management functions across the corporation. She’s risen quickly because her work sees impressive results. As plant Quality Manager, she led efforts in her first year to reduce customer issues by 85 percent, minimize plant scrap by more than 50 percent and cut cost of poor quality by 23 percent. She’s also led implementation of awareness programs encompassing all employees and a quality certification program for engineers. In 2017 alone, under Geri-Lyn’s leadership customer issues were reduced 28 percent and poor quality cost decreased 12 percent.

Geri-Lyn leads LORD’s Executive Quality Council. Her improvements started with initiating a company Culture of Quality survey, then developing global and facility-specific action items based on the survey results. During her tenure, Geri-Lyn also led a team that developed a single Root Cause/Corrective Action process, which was adopted across the company, and led an initiative to further the development of quality skills by implementing a Certified Quality Engineer refresher program.

Geri-Lyn has mentored countless managers and engineers within LORD, serving as a role model for building a technical career that impacts the company and customers. She is also committed to the development of her staff, regularly conducting training for all teams. She is a role model outside the company as well, promoting STEM education and professional development of young women, including Women in Engineering and Math Options for girls. Geri-Lyn participates in LORD’s corporate Junior Achievement volunteer program where she delivers course content to local elementary school classes and shares her experiences. Geri-Lyn also represents LORD and supports the aerospace industry through her involvement in the Aerospace Industries Association, where she has served as a member of the Quality Assurance Committee since 2014.

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