Libby High
Lab Superintendent, Metallurgy and Quality Systems

“Heavy manufacturing has been a staple of our country's history for many years and it is exciting to be a part of that. Creating material for products that are used every day is extremely rewarding.”

Libby’s impressive leadership skills span her four-year tenure with Arconic. After accepting her promotion to Lab Superintendent at Arconic’s Lancaster facility in June 2017, Libby quickly identified several key areas for improvement. In addition to conducting a careful process review to prepare labs for ISO 17025 re-accreditation, Libby made many changes to better engage her hourly employees. By speaking directly with team members, she synthesized their ideas into a proposal for a revised team structure leading the department to work at peak performance.

Likewise, she was essential in launching the Next Generation Network (NGN) Employee Resource Group chapter within the plant. By recognizing the need to engage new talent and provide networking events, Libby helped the initiative take its first steps. She was one of the founding members who made the initial proposal to plant leadership to launch, and has held the role of chapter co-lead since its inception. She also worked closely with the HR department to improve the intern program, spending time with the intern class to highlight opportunities and survey ideas. Today, Libby maintains a relationship with many interns through her leadership role with NGN.

Libby also lends her time to volunteer within her community. She, along with several other Arconic employees, is involved in an education and mentoring program through the Arconic Hispanic Network. With 40 percent of Lancaster’s population being Hispanic, the Arconic Hispanic Network has developed a strong relationship with that community which Libby readily supports. Through the group, Libby participates in a weekend program called “Science on Saturday” 10 weeks per year. During these Saturday mornings, Libby shares her passion for science with students by helping them with hands-on science experiments and discussing potential careers in STEM fields.

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