Kendra Goudreau
Process Lead, SC Process & Systems Integration

“My passion for manufacturing started with my first position at a semiconductor engineering company. I was intrigued by the complexities of manufacturing and inspired by my brilliant co-workers. I enjoy solving problems, improving processes, and analyzing data.”  

Kendra has solved many complex technical issues in manufacturing-related roles throughout her career at both IBM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES. As a manufacturing engineer, her systems knowledge and deft skills allow Kendra to tackle large IT projects to support the supply chain’s future success. Most recently, her efforts have included streamlining a corporate revenue report and ensuring data is complete under significant source system and database changes. Kendra also led a project to develop, test and deploy a replacement for the interconnection between IT planning and execution systems which resulted in significantly greater stability among other enhancements.

In addition to being a leader in her current position, Kendra uses her negotiation, teamwork and networking skills to expand her influence at GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Burlington site and elsewhere. She personally chaired a team to establish a GLOBALWOMEN group at the site which grew to more than 250 members in just one year and promotes leadership diversity, gender issues and professional development. Kendra values her role as a mentor, in which she has worked with both a new engineer in her department and a high school girl through the company’s GLOBAL Girls STEM camp. Also sharing her industry insights and experiences in presentations through the University of Vermont, Kendra continually demonstrates her passion and ability to be a mentor, inspiration and positive role model for others.

Kendra is a tremendous asset to the Burlington community. She has held numerous officer roles within the Society of Women Engineers and volunteers at various outreach events. She regularly lends her time to Vermont Adaptive where she helps athletes with disabilities rebuild physical strength, health and self-confidence. Further, Kendra has spearheaded many STEM-related events including a hands-on STEM activity at Manufacturing Day and organizing an afternoon at GLOBALFOUNDRIES for area high school students interested in engineering.

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