Myriam Gateault
Process Control Technology Engineer
Covestro, LLC

“I feel the chemistry when we create products through teamwork. We are continuously working to make the world a brighter place! It becomes a magical power that makes us feel curious, courageous and colorful. I would love to introduce everyone to the world of manufacturing and get a taste of this enchanted world!”

Myriam makes large scale contributions to Covestro manufacturing worldwide through her work as a process control technology engineer in Covestro Baytown—the company’s largest NAFTA manufacturing site. Her contributions as a young engineer are all the more remarkable due to her early impact on Covestro’s global manufacturing processes. As a core member of the Project Management PCT team, she successfully led the roll-out of an Operating Windows concept as a part of a major reliability improvement initiative. Her powerful work on this project earned the company’s 2017 Innovation Award for Process & Manufacturing, and has since been standardized and launched at manufacturing facilities around the world. Her exceptional analytical skills and engineering talents have touched a number of key projects since then, resulting in critical improvements and savings to the business.

Myriam loves to interact with people at all levels of the company by asking the right questions, listening to responses and reaching a common goal. As a key member of the Operational Stability Team, Myriam defined the roll-out for an initiative to reduce annual maintenance spending, launching a harmonized solution that influenced peers across departments. Myriam’s strong aptitude in math, coupled with a passionate nudge from her mother, was the impetus behind her career in chemical engineering. Today, Myriam demonstrates a strong desire to “pay it forward” by advocating for girls in science. Myriam has volunteered at many company STEM outreach events where she has served as a role model and encouraged young women to consider careers in STEM.

As a newcomer to the U.S., Myriam has embraced her local Texas neighbors. She volunteers by designing, developing, promoting and supporting solutions to solve the needs of her local community. In addition to her contributions to the Covestro i3 program, which promotes STEM education, Myriam has worked with Greenlight for Girls to expose local, economically disadvantaged students to STEM education and area manufacturing opportunities. Finally, Myriam demonstrated her sincere care for others in the wake of Hurricane Harvey when she provided weeks of support to disaster relief efforts through the American Red Cross.  

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