Clare Frigo
Project Manager
Johnson Controls International

“I am passionate about manufacturing because it enables ideas to become physical reality. It is very rewarding to use problem solving skills to create a process that brings raw materials together to form a final end product, which can end up in the hands of millions of people.”

Clare leads both regional and global projects for Johnson Controls International in her role as Project Manager. Joining the company soon after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Clare immediately led a project which resulted in $15 million in annual cost savings. Shortly thereafter, she led a green belt project to increase battery design robustness that allowed a major reduction in process variability and a defect reduction of 90 percent.

As a Simultaneous Development Team (SDT) leader, Clare provides guidance on as many as six projects at once. As the leader, she has to make tough decisions on tradeoffs when conflicting objectives have to be balanced. Interacting with individuals across many disciplines within the organization, Clare has an approach and attitude that keeps teams moving forward despite any challenges they may encounter. In addition to being a leader on projects, she focuses on building teams and improving employee engagement by creating opportunities for employees to get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses better. For example, she actively leads intramural sports events and has organized softball, kickball, and soccer tournaments to challenge departments to work together. Clare’s enthusiasm for engineering and working in teams can also be seen in Johnson Control’s sponsored YouTube series focused on engineering entitled, “A Day in the Life at Johnson Controls.”

Clare participates in a number of STEM-focused activities and initiatives to increase awareness and interest in engineering among youth. She is a member of the organizing team for the NEXT program (Network, Educate, eXpand, Transform), serves as a mentor for SWE and has organized multiple events with schools in the community. Clare also volunteers with Project Lead the Way, has served as a team coach for FIRST Robotics and taught sixth grade students through the Society of Automotive Engineers’ A World in Motion program.

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