Ann Franzen
Plant Manager
USG Corporation

“Having a career in manufacturing allows me to utilize my strengths and it provides me with challenging opportunities on a daily basis. I enjoy being creative and exploring new ways to make different products that help our customers, and improving processes that help our employees.”

Beginning her career with USG Corporation more than 20 years ago, Ann’s expertise in mechanical engineering, coupled with her business savvy and leadership skills, have made her a tremendous asset to the company. In 2007, Ann was named USG’s first female plant manager at the New Orleans plant. Now serving as Plant Manager of USG’s Rainier, Oregon plant, Ann is a leading voice in the company’s Lean Manufacturing initiative which is now being implemented within all 39 USG plants. In addition to leading Lean Six Sigma (LSS) efforts, Ann is responsible for the safety, engagement and efficiency of her employees, the quality of products produced at the plant, and service provided to customers.

Ann has demonstrated countless examples of outstanding leadership through the years. While serving as Plant Manager of USG’s New Orleans facility in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Ann’s leadership was key to supporting recovery efforts for USG employees, customers and the surrounding community. Today, Ann is known as a humble, determined, driven and strong mentor who has helped peers across USG’s 38 other plants navigate many workplace issues. Demonstrating her commitment to helping women advance their own manufacturing careers, Ann also founded the USG Women in Manufacturing (WiM) group which connects female plant employees across the USG network with one another and promotes career advancement. 

Outside of work, Ann participates in many charitable efforts within the community. In addition to speaking to students and young professionals about career paths, Ann is a member of the Lower Columbia Community College (LCC) Manufacturing/Machine Advisory Committee which aims to inspire young women to pursue careers in technical trades. She leads her plant’s annual food drive for the Hope of Rainier food bank, has provided Christmas gifts to the local Head Start youth program and is an active participant in the Rainier Chamber of Commerce on behalf of USG.

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