Nicole Flippin
Work Control Manager
Duke Energy

“My career in manufacturing challenges me to use both the technical and creative sides of my brain on a near daily basis. On a bigger scale, manufacturing positively impacts the economic strength of our nation through the production of goods, creation of jobs, and support of our communities.”

With more than 17 years of experience working in commercial nuclear power, Nicole Flippin has made remarkable achievements throughout her career. As Work Control Manager of Catawba Nuclear Station, Nicole is responsible for the overall performance of the Online and Outage organizations. In the past two years, she has worked closely with her Outage organization and Senior Leadership team to drive significant site-wide improvements in refueling outage schedule, execution and budget performance.

Nicole's leadership strength is being a change agent with a drive for continuous improvement. This was evident through her work on Catawba's spring 2017 refueling outage, which was completed nearly five days ahead of plan and $3 million under budget—a feat which had not been matched in the previous 10 refueling outages. The outage was also completed with zero recordable injuries, reported well below the projected radiation dose goal, and with no significant outage events affecting nuclear safety.

A major milestone in Nicole’s career journey was when she became the first licensed female Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) at St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant in 2006. Prior to Nicole's licensing, the plant operated for 33 years with no female SROs.  Since then, Nicole’s leadership has continued to drive positive outcomes for Duke Energy, including when she led Work Management metrics at Catawba to progress to the industry top quartile from 2013 to 2015. Additionally, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations awarded an industry strength to Catawba Nuclear Station for the innovative knowledge, transfer, and retention efforts in the Work Management outage organization in 2017.

Nicole’s influence extends beyond just leading her team. She also has devoted time to mentoring multiple professionals, educated groups such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts on the nuclear power industry, and is currently serving as the President of the Junior Welfare League of York County.

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