Clare Dowdalls
General Manager, Senior Director of Operations

“Technology is changing, and advanced manufacturing solutions are critical to our success. I have the opportunity to make a difference. Every new project promotes creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. We nurture, incubate and grow the products into maturity. It’s interesting, exciting, and challenging. I couldn’t think of a better working environment.”

Beginning her career as a floor shop operator on the manual assembly line, Clare has devoted more than 20 years of service to Jabil, working tirelessly to improve the way they do business and inspiring the lives of those she’s worked with along the way. From business to operations management, Clare has tackled every challenge that has been given to her, head-on. She’s quickly adapted to new environments and has implemented change in a way that has produced immediate results. Through thoughtful leadership and positive action, Clare's improvements have increased productivity on the manufacturing floor as well as within supporting departments. 

As Clare takes on her newest challenge of running Jabil’s Emerging Telecom Center of Excellence in Silicon Valley, her passion for attracting, developing and cultivating talent is already creating such positive results that the model will now be implemented at global locations throughout the organization in the coming year. It’s Clare’s dedication to mentoring that has earned her the respect and admiration of the people who work with and for her. As she has advanced her own career at Jabil, her journey has encouraged those around her to want to do the same. With the Center of Excellence model expanding, Clare will continue to lead, develop and influence the next generation of Jabil employees.

In addition to her professional accolades, Clare has found time to give back to her community. Working with the homeless, supporting the GEAAP Alcohol Awareness Project and adopting underprivileged families around the holidays are just a few examples of Clare’s philanthropic nature. She is also a member of Jabil’s internal women’s initiative program, Jabil Joules, which aims to empower women within the company. Clare's career is an inspiration to many and illustrates the difference that one leader can make in an organization.

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