Heidi Dirgins
Vice President, Barnes Aerospace - OEM
Barnes Group Inc., Barnes Aerospace

“In this industry we develop innovative solutions for products and processes that result not only in growth of the business, but also personal growth. Manufacturing allows me to leverage technology to meet challenges and customer needs, while working with amazing people that help motivate and drive creativity to take things to the next level.”

Heidi’s leadership was critical to Barnes Aerospace OEM during a time of tremendous change, resulting in increased operational, financial and commercial excellence throughout the organization. In addition to driving significant improvements to the business and increasing year-over-year performance, her leader-led coaching, mentoring and training has driven a robust SIOP process, comprehensive communication, organizational transparency and a culture of passionate and energized employees across divisions. By leveraging the key enablers of Innovation & Talent Management, she accomplished meaningful improvement within key business measures such as operating profit, revenues and productivity.

Beyond her deep commitment to driving performance throughout the organization, she exemplifies Barnes Aerospace’s values on a daily basis as she engages with all employees. By creating alignment at all levels of the organization, Heidi is able to engage more than 500 people to achieve common goals and objectives—which is a clear differentiator of her profound ability to motivate and lead. As a true leader by example, she works extensively to ensure that the entire organization is empowered to drive real results.

Heidi is a champion of the Barnes Aerospace Leader Led Supervisor Training Program, which offers an innovative, hands-on approach to developing leaders and creating Operational Excellence through the implementation of the Barnes Enterprise System. Her energy, enthusiasm and passion for building a world-class leadership team has brought forth powerful change and positive outcomes at Barnes Aerospace.

Her remarkable efforts to go above and beyond to help raise awareness and funds for the United Way campaign at Barnes are also second to none. As a result of her leadership and dedication, employee participation and contributions to the campaign doubled from the year prior. From lending her own home and award-winning barbecue skills, to offering to dress up as a member of the Blue Man Group— her zest and passion for causes close to her heart are unmatched.

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