Kelly Dees
Customer Experience Leader
Ingersoll Rand

“I am passionate about manufacturing because it allows us to creatively provide solutions and products for our customers, that make a difference for our country. For example, we make grinders that the Naval Shipyard uses to build aircraft carriers and submarines.” 

Serving as Global Customer Experience Leader with the fluid management, power tools and material handling businesses at Ingersoll Rand, Kelly oversees 70 people worldwide, including 10 direct reports. Over her 18-year tenure with the company, she has consistently leveraged her finance expertise to improve the customer experience.

For example, Kelly generated a 25-point improvement in customer satisfaction scores by reducing the company’s customer question response time to four hours. As a result of a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) Kelly initiated, customer satisfaction scores improved dramatically across the business segments—and in the fluid management group, 97 percent of customer requests are now answered in two hours. Employee engagement scores for the team also increased year-over-year, showing that Kelly’s work alleviated frustrations and is exemplary of Ingersoll Rand’s commitment to creating a winning culture.

Kelly’s willingness to address problems from end-to-end has been critical to customer retention and competitive strategy. Her multifaceted approach to resolving issues pertaining to credit holds and delivery delays resulted in measurable reductions in order hold time, as well as reductions to the volume of orders and credit lines on hold. Ultimately, she reduced hold time on customer orders from nine days to less than 8 hours, and cut 16 hours of non-value-added work per week—among other significant outcomes. Accomplishments such as these earned Kelly the company’s highest honor, a 2016 President’s Award for Operational Excellence.

Providing ongoing support to all of her direct reports, she consistently makes herself available at all hours to accommodate various time zones. She tailors her coaching to meet each individual’s needs and welcomes honest feedback. Kelly has also both conducted and facilitated skip-level discussions with her key talent to ensure a successful career progression for her leaders.

Kelly selflessly serves her community, volunteering her time and management skills to serve as the online auction chairperson for the company’s United Way campaign. By facilitating online auctions for the organization, between 2014-2015, Kelly helped raise more than $100K (which was matched by the company).

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