Annie Cowart
Director, Client Contact Center
Shaw Industries
“Being a part of a manufacturing company, I find that employees are rewarded for thoughtful curiosity. The enterprise encourages leaders to seek new, innovative ways to change processes, people and behaviors. These factors drive my enthusiasm, zeal and motivation to bring about successful change within my organization every single day.”

Annie is a strategic thinker who sees the importance of observing and evaluating current processes before taking carefully measured steps to improvement. She is responsible for the company's inside sales team and has developed tools and best practices that resulted in a 21 percent increase in sales growth, and 18 percent Net Divisional Contribution growth in one year.

She is experienced in a variety of areas including regional operations, local distribution, supply chain business solutions and customer service, all of which have given her a comprehensive perspective on business objectives. Annie builds trusting relationships in every role she takes on, consistently leveraging her strong networking skills to work successfully with other departments. She has reevaluated paradigms and discovered new, innovative ways to quickly accomplish sales goals, all while making time to help others realize their own potential. Annie believes the best way to serve as a mentor is to empower individuals to take control of their own destiny. In one instance, she helped her mentee expand her knowledge on training best practices—and eventually fulfill her own goals of becoming a Sales Trainer within the company.

Annie’s generosity and compassion for others motivates her to devote as much of her time as possible to community efforts, while inspiring others to do the same. While working as a Superintendent in one of the company's distribution centers, she worked with the United Way to serve local underprivileged children by leading company efforts to collect Coats for Kids and host a holiday toy drive. Her enthusiasm and ability to inspire teamwork led the distribution center to collectively gather more than 100 toys and 800 coats—the largest number of coats gathered from any collection site in the area at the time.

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