Breanna Cornell
Process Engineer

“I am passionate about manufacturing because I know that my impact reaches beyond the manufacturing plant floor; it extends to the companies our product reaches, to the communities that we employ and who use our product, and the environment in how we manage our resources.”

After completing the company’s Graduate Onboarding (GO!) Engineering program, Breanna joined Essity in 2015 as a process engineer for the Napkin Resource Team at the Bellemont, Arizona plant. In her role, she oversaw a “combined repack” project that is expected to yield substantial annual cost savings in transportation and waste alone. Shortly after joining the company, Breanna revamped a training program for napkin machine operators which now serves as a model for other production training programs.

As a rising star within the engineering world, Breanna has a natural ability to thrive and accomplish her goals in a male-dominated environment. She advocates for women in the field at any opportunity and is active in the Northern Arizona University chapter of the Society of Women Engineers. She has spoken at meetings to discuss opportunities in manufacturing at Essity, and is pleased to be a resource for women with environmental engineering backgrounds.

Boasting exceptional leadership skills as a mentor to new employees, Breanna provides one-on-one support and a consistent training structure that has been welcomed at Essity. Breanna’s communications skills position her as the link for many employees between their jobs and the company. As a GO! program alumna, Breanna remains involved in the program today and has mentored a GO! engineer at the Bellemont site.

Breanna’s passion for the environment spans beyond the workplace. Since graduating college, she has been involved with impossible2Possible, an organization that takes students to areas in North America and abroad to educate them on biodiversity, water conservation and other topics. In addition to having painted a mural at a local meditation center, Breanna has participated in community First Friday events and is a mental health awareness ambassador for Defeat The Stigma. Also an avid runner, Breanna is the youngest finishing female in the history of the Badwater 135-mile ultramarathon through Death Valley.

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