Sonia Civeira
Senior Manager, Engineering

“Manufacturing is the ultimate test! One of my teachers said that you can make whatever you want on a paper or in a cad model, even things that are not feasible at all. That's why I am passionate about manufacturing.”

With her unique ability to balance technical expertise with strong communication and leadership, Sonia’s enthusiasm and drive has led her to tremendous success at BorgWarner. Fluent in four languages, she has a keen ability to communicate with global customers to build trust and strong relationships—including when she led her team to win new business with three major first-time Asian customers.

As an applications engineer, she helped develop an end-of-the-line control process for evaluating the brazing quality of hybrid tubes integral to BorgWarner’s first monoblock exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler, which is now used in four production plants across America, Europe and Asia. She has worked with plants around the world to strengthen customer relationships and provide global support for all applications engineering groups throughout BorgWarner Emissions & Thermal Systems. In addition, she manages nearly 70 engineers and technicians who support the company’s 200 application engineers in Europe, North America and Asia. Sonia’s strategic organizational changes at BorgWarner’s Spain Technical Center (SCT) in 2016 resulted in more efficient operations and a remarkable 100 percent talent retention.

Described by her manager as “honest, transparent and constructive,” Sonia is well-respected by her team for her technical expertise and straight-forward communications style. She has become a role model for both men and women alike who aspire to be leaders. Through mentoring, she ignites an entrepreneurial spirit in young engineers and inspires them to chart out their own career pathways to success. She even led one of her mentees from novice to supervisor of a new group that is expanding BorgWarner’s power electronics product line at the STC.

Outside of engineering, Sonia is most passionate about improving the lives of disadvantaged children and supporting organizations that are working to cure cancer. As a devout champion of children’s rights, health, education and economic empowerment, Sonia sponsors the education of a 13-year-old girl from Africa through Plan International, and regularly contributes to Save the Children. In addition to personally participating in races, conferences and fundraisers for organizations dedicated to fighting cancer, Sonia routinely encourages employees to find creative ways to support cancer education and research.

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