Suzanne Chevrier
Channels Relation Specialist
Sandvik Coromant Company

“I am passionate about manufacturing because it turns ideas into products and problems into solutions. It is fascinating to work in an environment of creativity and innovation that is ever-changing and improving. Manufacturing offers a vast array of employment options with fantastic companies that are changing the world.”

Suzanne’s thorough knowledge of Sandvik Coromant Company’s channels makes her a highly valued member of the Sales Management team. With channel partners being a key driver of the company’s success, Suzanne’s leadership has been central to developing policies and practices for how Sandvik Coromant works with this vital community. She has been instrumental in creating new automated processes that provide business efficiencies, helping both Sandvik Coromant and its partners build more time to work directly with end-users to improve business output. In addition to working directly with all levels of the company to handle compliance issues, Suzanne develops communications to ensure all parties are kept abreast of promotions, policy changes and organizational updates.

Representing the value of manufacturing as both a discipline and an economic asset, Suzanne helps people who are not directly involved in the industry understand its value. She has led Sandvik Coromant’s participation in the Industrial Supply Association (ISA) convention, as well as other supplier events. Bringing a high level of engagement and knowledge to discussions, information sessions and business meetings, Suzanne is integral to the company’s ability to improve processes for every stakeholder. Lending her expertise throughout the company, Suzanne willingly guides others through any channel issues they incur. She leverages more than 10 years of diverse industry experience to help others develop strategies and techniques to move manufacturing forward.

Suzanne’s primary responsibility of working with the people and companies that work with Sandvik Coromant has led her to play key role in company compliance audits. Although Suzanne is not an attorney, her ability to contribute to discussions by seeing the full picture, as well as nuances in commercial relationships, offers a better understanding of where improvements in process or in explanation can be made. With Suzanne as an advocate, both parties can build better long-term relationships and continue to improve manufacturing results.

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