Claire Castleman
Sustainability Program Manager

“Global manufacturing has a huge environmental and social footprint. I'm passionate about harnessing the enormous opportunity of the industry as a whole to move toward sustainable development. Manufacturers' capabilities to use advanced technology and drive toward a shared purpose can create a healthier, just, sustainable world.”

Claire has been a strategic partner and technical leader on many key program elements of Eaton Corporate Sustainability. As Eaton's representative in the Harvard Sustainability and Health Initiative for Net Positive Enterprise (SHINE), she contributes to critical technical discussions on greenhouse gas footprint and innovative new "handprint" calculation protocols. Claire led the development of an internal Energy Management standard which reflected tiered implementation requirements for plants. By creating and leading a global training on this standard for manufacturing, Claire led the company to reach aggressive environmental goals such as absolute and indexed energy reduction.  She also developed an approach for public reporting of sustainability information that conformed to the Global Reporting Initiative G4 standards to which the company adheres.

Leading Eaton’s online community for sustainability, Claire hosts regular webinars and meetings on topics of interest to plant managers, facility engineers and EHS managers providing support and guidance to people in diverse roles. Claire actively supports Eaton’s Young Leaders community where she helps connect emerging talent in the organization to communicate on relevant issues. Her communication style, maturity, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm make Claire both an example and mentor to people from several regions, countries, backgrounds and ages—including senior leadership.

Claire exhibits a clear passion for making the world a better place. She participates in a multitude of programs and activities that challenge her intellect. As a board member of Alliance for the Great Lakes, she champions the health and cleanliness of lakes through advocacy and grassroots action. She is also a board member for the Cleveland Climate Action Fund, where she participates in leading climate change mitigation projects with the City of Cleveland. Claire’s energy and drive have also spurred exciting new initiatives at the company’s headquarters in Beachwood, Ohio including an apiary project that benefits the environment, educates the workforce on environmental issues and engages employees in new ways to make a difference for the planet and their own health.  

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